Beautiful Outdoors is a full service landscaping and property maintenance business committed to beauty, sustainability, and responsibility. We proudly serve Rockland and Orange Counties in New York, Bergen County in New Jersey, and surrounding areas.


We will work with you to create, amplify or maintain your residential or commercial property’s natural beauty, and do so using only the finest landscaping materials and most trustworthy craftsmanship.


We specialize in all aspects of landscape design, maintenance, and construction, as well as all-season residential and commercial property management. We are experts in modern landscape technology and can provide outdoor lighting, outdoor audio, and irrigation solutions.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality at a competitive price, and to do so in the most convenient time frame possible. Whatever your property goals are, we are here to execute your vision.



  We will work with you to analyze your space, and create a landscape vision which merges function and design, boosting your property‚Äôs elegance, comfort, sustainability, and value.



We will listen to your needs, and create a plan together to enhance your property’s functionality and ease of maintenance, while augmenting its natural beauty.



Our design experts can work with you to craft a blueprint to highlight your property’s existing style and uniqueness, featuring what you already love while adding additional elements you will adore.



Our maintenance specialists can work with you to evaluate your property’s current appearance as well as future needs, and refresh its look, appeal, and functionality.


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