Want More Privacy? Add New Hedges!

Evergreen hedges provide a beautiful, fast, natural privacy screen while enhancing the sustainability of your landscape.

Evergreen hedges are one of the most classic parts of a complete property landscape, dating to medieval times and providing privacy, beauty and sustainability in one package. Talented landscape designers are extremely knowledgeable in crafting a landscape involving exciting but sensible patterns utilizing different plants to maximize light, property ventilation, and health of the hedges.

As such, there are different evergreens available to create the perfect hedge, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. But which are the best, not to mention the most appropriate for our climate?

From our friends at The Spruce, here are some top choices if you are planning a new hedge.

Beautiful Outdoors’ talented landscape designers can draft an excellent plan for you, whether you are starting from scratch or even relocating a hedge! Contact us today!

Hardscape Projects: Precision and Patience

Folks often ask us which jobs we do are the “hardest”. That question has a lot of meanings: most time consuming, most manpower needed, slowest all could qualify. But if we are talking about sheer concentration and a mix of the mental and physical, probably no job is “harder” than hardscape work.

Excellent hardscape construction requires detail, a hefty dose of the physical, and perhaps most importantly, patience to ensure a beautiful, durable, functional result is achieved. The current look of the landscape and environmental conditions must be adequately accounted for. And of course, we have to strive to meet the customer’s needs and time frame.

From our friends at Lawn and Landscape magazine, here is an excellent article detailing the finer points that go into hardscape construction jobs.

Remember, we provide a number of hardscape construction services. Contact us if you would like to get started today!

Best Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor audio sure has come a long way from the days of sticking a stereo speaker in a back window of the house. What are the best speaker picks for your landscape?

For many, nothing says summer like sitting in the backyard with a beer as the sun sets. The grill is going, your favorite music completing the setting. However, the reality is that until recently, outdoor audio solutions have lacked the proper characteristics to provide excellent sound in the challenging acoustic environment of the outdoors.

Sound is lost in every direction. Background noises can overwhelm what you are listening to. If you are entertaining and your yard is full of people, the acoustic conditions can change. And of course, there are often neighbors who act put out if you are playing music.

Fortunately, today’s modern outdoor speakers are designed with all those challenges in mind. And they are crafted to visually blend into their environment and not be an eyesore. They provide ever better options for directing your audio where it needs to be heard. And they can overcome challenging climate conditions, whether natural (wind noise, for example) or man-made (such as your children screaming in the yard).

From the experts at Tom’s Guide, we are very happy to present picks for the best 2018 Outdoor Audio Speakers.

Beautiful Outdoors has years of experience with outdoor audio installations. We can craft a system to meet your needs, and can provide the most modern technology. Contact us if you would like to explore your options!

Don’t Worry About This Late Snow

All this late season cold and snow have you worried about your plants and flowers? Fear not!

We know the feeling. You begin to get your yard together, maybe do a little planting, begin to enjoy the warmth. And then we get a week like we’re having! Snow, sleet, cold, and more to come in the forecast.

However, what effect does this all have on what you already have in the ground? From our friends at the Growing Together Plant & Flower Forum, here is an interesting article looking at this late season blast’s effect on your plants and flowers. Full article here!

Top Landscape Trends For 2018

As the weather begins to get warmer, you are probably getting ready to launch a landscape project you have been thinking about. Does it match the trends landscape professionals predicted?

Last month, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) announced their list of the top landscape trends of 2018. These picks annually impact landscape planning, design and maintenance.  Their five predicted trends for 2018 include:

Experiential Landscape Design

Design thoughtfully and creatively built for living, working and playing bring works to create a quality, unified outdoor experience. Residential outdoor areas with space for relaxing, working, cooking, dining, playing. Day or night. Commercial spaces with areas to work, and for employees to relax or have recreation.

Climate-cognizant landscaping

Landscapes that are accessible whatever mother-nature brings. Touches that can help folks enjoy their space in unseasonable weather, year round. Materials that are more resistant to wild climate fluctuations.

water management and conservation emphasis

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword or trend, but now a leading influence on how landscapes are created how they will be maintained for years to come. Native plant use, eco-friendly watering, and smarter irrigation practices are all here to stay.

Enhanced equipment and technology

The latest tools for the modern landscaper feature greater ease of use and storage, and employ low or no emissions, along with greatly reduced sound. Professionals are also beginning to employ technologies such as 3D mapping and a variety of apps to improve production and efficiency.

Plants in playful colors and patterns.

Simplicity was in last year, but this year promises flourishes of color and style. Extensive use of bright colors and wild patterned plants are likely, as they are revered for their uniqueness and intricate details.



Organization of Your Plants Matters!

A lot of thought should go into your landscape design organization. It will make a difference.

When we undertake a new landscape design, we always give a lot of thought to plant organization. Sensible patterns can add depth and dimension and highlight aspects of your landscape. (From our friends at Total Landscape Care, an industry newsletter. Read the whole article here.)

Massing (multiple specimens of a single plant) and grouping (putting visually compatible plant masses together) creates balance and proportion. In addition to creating flourishes of color, it also reduces maintenance.

Repetition, as in any art form, is a key principle of landscape design. It creates pleasing patterns, and an easily digestible visual effect.

Vertical and horizontal layers, which is when different masses and groups have proportional differences in height or width and are organized as such, can create artistic shading and field-of-view effects.

Beautiful Outdoors’ talented landscape designers can create a plan for a gorgeous new or redesigned plant and flower layout. Contact us today!

The Advantages of Landscape Illumination

Lighting does not usually take center stage when considering a landscaping project, but there are definite benefits for your property

Landscape illumination can range from hanging solar lamps to elaborate systems connected to wireless controls. It is important to understand your options, and the benefits of such a project. From our friends at SFGate (full article here), you can be sure that if you undertake a landscape lighting job, you will improve your land’s appearance and functionality, while enhancing security and personal safety.

Beautiful Outdoors are landscape lighting experts. We can work with you to design a new system or enhance your existing lighting to meet your needs!

Commercial Landscape Season

As we finally see the end of winter up ahead, it is not just homeowners, but also commercial property operators, that need to begin to get their property ready for spring!

Nothing refreshes a commercial property like new landscaping, or cleaning and revitalizing the existing outdoor design. Our friends at InBusiness have 11 tips on how to affordably design a commercial landscape.

Beautiful Outdoors has years of experience designing and maintaining commercial properties. We can help you create that perfect work environment today!



Smarter Irrigation Installation

All that snow on the ground isn’t going to water your lawn all spring and summer. Here are some tips if you’re thinking of an irrigation installation this season.

One of our guys ready to get to work on an irrigation installation.

1) Consider a Smart-Home irrigation solution, with wi-fi technology. Controllable from a mobile or web app, remotely accessible at any time. These can also auto-adjust for different conditions, and alert owners when doing so.

2) Upgrade new and existing systems with rain, freeze. and soil sensors which control water flow. They are environmentally conscious, and will save you a boatload of money.

3) Have a pressure regulation system. Over-pressurized systems waste about 30% of their water. If you hear hissing or see a mist cloud, your system is over-pressurized.

4) Switch to drip technologies in planting areas. Sprinkler systems in these areas waste huge amounts of water through runoff and hardscape spraying.

5) Get rid of riser pipes in favor of invisible sprinklers. It improves the look of your landscape, while being more durable and long-lasting.

6) Replace spray heads in your older system with rotary heads. It will save you an average of 1320 gallons per year per spray nozzle!

7) Consider remote management by your provider. Beautiful Outdoors can make system adjustments for different conditions in your environment so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.



Winter Storm Quinn!

Amazing Snow Totals In Our Area

Winter Storm Quinn, our second Nor’easter within a week, didn’t disappoint. Over a foot and a half throughout our business area, including a NY State-high 26 inches in Sloatsburg, one of our dispatch towns.

A few pictures from our work below, including the scene in Pearl River, downed power lines in Montebello, downed trees in Orangeburg, and the general view in a few spots from inside the plow.

We’re exhausted (and still at it), but thrilled to have provided for our customers in such a tough storm!