Dog Days of Summer

As Summer draws to a close, we are hardly taking it easy!

This has definitely been one of those summers where we wonder where all the time has gone. With all the rain though, we are happy to see that our customers’ properties have remained vibrant and full of natural life right through the season, and as a result we’ve had our hands full!

We are excited, however, to say that we are also hard at work enhancing our presence in Bergen County and other nearby areas of northern New Jersey as we continue to offer to the same high level of service we always have to Rockland and Orange in New York.

As part of that, we are excited to offer that we will soon have a new website dedicated to our service in Northern New Jersey! You can see a sneak peek here. Full site will be live in the coming days.

Dog days of summer indeed, but we are enjoying it both at work and at leisure!

Special Promotion!

Enhance your sprinkler system and conserve water, all at a special discount!

We are proud to be a partner with Suez and Rain Bird in their water conservation efforts in Rockland County!  (Learn more here.)

For a limited time, Suez and Rain Bird are offering their partners’ customers a $50 rebate on their newest conservation technology, Rain Bird WaterSense Irrigation Controllers.

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  • WiFi access.
    Control your sprinkler system from anywhere with your phone or tablet.
  • Save Water.
    EPA WaterSense certified system! Automatically adjusts your watering schedule based on internet weather data.
  • Plug & Play
    Quickly and easily upgrade your system with the LNK Ready ESP-ME controller and LNK WiFi Module.

Beautiful Outdoors is your go-to source for all your irrigation needs. Contact us today to upgrade your controller.



Summer Fun

As summer moves into the home stretch, a fun look at some summer-staples from New Jersey’s past.

If you’re like us, you have fond memories of a child going to the Jersey Shore during your summers. Ice cream on the boardwalk, Stewart Shops, burger stands. Oh, the food! Every once in a while we still catch a whiff from a burger grill, and we’re taken back!

From, here is a fun gallery of vintage summer New Jersey eateries, some of them right here in Bergen County!

Enjoy, and happy summer!


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Is it just us, or does it seem like it’s been raining for days and days. And the long-term forecast doesn’t look much different. How is your garden going to handle it?

Boy, the weather sure has taken a turn. After a super-hot and dry early-to-mid July, it’s been non-stop overcast and rain for days now, and the long-term forecast just has more of the same for the next week and a half.

If your garden is like ours, it is soggy, but not showing too much evidence of water damage yet. However, that can and likely will change quickly – often literally overnight – with the kind of weather we are looking at.

Fortunately, you can be prepared by knowing what to look for, and taking some steps both before and after the signs of natural over-watering occur.

From our friends at Common Sense Home, here is an excellent article on too much rain in the garden, and what you can do to prevent problems and help deal with them when they occur.

Remember, we are garden experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Stay dry!

Healthy Tomatoes, Healthy Body

Some tips for your home garden to produce vibrant, delicious tomatoes.

If you are like us, you have a simple but fantastic home garden. And most everyone with a home garden has abundant tomatoes!

One challenge we keep hearing from our customers this summer is their tomatoes are rotting prematurely on the vine, or blossom rot.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent this, and produce gorgeous, healthy tomatoes.

From our friends at the DIY Network, here are some tips for healthy tomato plants.

Have a great weekend!


Tree Fun!

Some fun tree facts to liven up a lazy summer Friday!

We here at Beautiful Outdoors love trees! Whether working to plant, cultivate, shape, or move them, or just at home in the backyard on a hot day in one of our big tree’s shade, they are an integral part of any landscape, all while often not receiving much in the way of thought. Today, though, we are thinking of them!

Here are some fun facts on a hot mid-summer’s day you might not have known about trees:

There are about 3 TRILLION trees on Earth.

There are about 60,000 known tree species. More than half of these species only exist in Indonesia.

The average tree drinks about 530 gallons of water a year.

The average tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen a year.

Different parts of trees typically grow at different parts of the year: foliage in spring, trunk in summer, and roots in fall and winter.

Antarctica is the only continent without cones, the method conifers use to reproduce.

Cones have genders (!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Larga Vida Futbol!

The World Cup is ready to move on to the knockout round. But how does the grass take so much soccer abuse?

The World Cup is one of our favorite sporting events. The majesty of the passing, the thrill of goals, the athleticism of the goalies, the beauty of the… grass?

Soccer, and most every sport for that matter, couldn’t thrive under the highest skill level spotlight without the immaculate fields it is played on. And that means the finest turf care in the world.

And like any skill, there is constant innovation, new technologies, and new techniques that must go hand in hand with the preparation for the games at the highest level.

From our friends at Turf Magazine, here is a fascinating article about the field construction and maintenance that occurs during the World Cup.




Great Volunteer Opportunity

Greencare for Troops is one of our favorite non-profit programs, providing disadvantaged military and veterans’ families with over $8 million dollars worth of lawn, landscape, and snow/ice equipment over the last 12 years,

They are currently offering a free commemorative t-shirt to anyone who volunteers and refers a friend to volunteer as well! (The t-shirts are also available for sale, to wholly benefit the program.)

Help spread the word about this fantastic program, which of course benefits a great many of our local military friends and neighbors!

(Courtesy of Lawn and Landscape, professional landscaping journal.)

Protect Your Plants in the Heat

Plants can get cranky and irritated in the heat just like us. Here are some basic steps to keep them at their best during the hottest summer days.

Everyone looks forward to the heat in the middle of our winters, but when it actually gets here it can be very difficult and stressful on us. The same goes for your plants! They need special care and precautions just like we do when the mercury gets into the 90s and up. Even if you’re keeping up on your basic watering plan, there are a few more steps you should take to ensure your plants remain healthy through the hottest parts of the summer.

First, make sure you are watering correctly. You want to water early in the morning, or late in the day to maximize efficiency and avoid a great deal of it evaporation before it reaches the plants. Aim for a nice deep watering, two or three times a week. And resist the temptation to over-water. Over-watering can be just as damaging as thirst, depriving roots of oxygen and fostering fungal growth.

Also, make sure to utilize mulch. A thick layer of mulch insulates plants’ roots from heat, just as they do from cold in winter. It will also help the soil retain moisture. Strive for a nice, thick five or six inches of mulch.

Finally, just like people, plants can get a sunburn! They cease flowering, and suffer from direct exposure to the sun’s rays. Use a patio umbrella, improvised fabric, you name it to provide a respite during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day.

Taking these few precautions will ensure your plants and flowers will stay at their best all summer long! Or get in touch with us. Our gardening services will have your plants and flowers healthy and carefree all season!