Mowing Season End Is In Sight

That real fall chill is finally in the air, so the end of lawn mowing season is in sight. When and how should you wrap it up for the year?

Now that the season has finally started to turn, our thoughts and work has turned to fall services. One question we often get is when is the best time to mow the lawn one last time for the season. To what length? Should all growth have stopped?

The simple answer as to when is when it stops growing! This is generally when the daytime temperature starts staying below 50 degrees, and we are seeing nighttime frosts. (Usually late October or early November in Bergen and Rockland Counties, perhaps a bit earlier in Orange and points north.)

A for length, ideally you want to slowly reduce the length of your grass the last two or three times you mow for the season, with the last mowing coming in at two to two-and-a-half inches in blade length. This length will allow your grass to maintain peak photosynthesis (yes, this even occurs during the winter) and as a result resiliency through the cold months. It also fights snow mold, and is ideal for winter root growth.

Lawn maintenance really is a year round process. But if you follow the above pre-winter plan, you are setting your grass up for a beautiful next spring and summer. And remember, Beautiful Outdoors can handle all this lawn work for you, and keep your property maintained through the whole winter.

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