We’re Back! Just like Spring Soon Will Be!

After a short break dealing with winter (!), we are back online and thinking about spring. Have you thought about your garden yet?

After a long winter’s blogging hiatus spent spent winterizing, performing snow and ice removal, sharpening our skills with professional development, and modernizing our equipment where needed, we are back online and starting to think about the coming spring!

One thing you might be starting to think about is your garden. Early prep goes a long way. Part of that for many folks is starting seeds indoors which can really help you get a jump in a region with a shorter growing season like us here in Bergen and Rockland Counties and the Hudson Valley. Also, growing your own seedlings really lets you oversee their quality, have a selection of exactly what you want, and save money!

From our friends at the Old Farmers Almanac, here is an excellent guide to when and how to start seeds indoors. Happy growing, and we’re thrilled to be back with you!

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