The End is in Sight!

Let’s all admit it… We’ve just about had enough of this snow. Isn’t it about time for it to end?

Well, it has finally happened. As much as we enjoy helping our customers with winterizing and snow and ice removal, the storm earlier this week finally might have been enough for us here in Bergen, Rockland, and Orange Counties.

It seems like spring should have sprung already. But is that really true? That gor us to thinking about when the last snowfall usually occurs here in the Lower Hudson and Central Valleys.

Turns out (unfortunately)… Not yet. We may have a couple of weeks to go. So we all need to bundle up, try to enjoy the winter beauty, and look ahead to the still upcoming thaw.

Here is an interesting look from the Weather Channel about when the last snowfall usually occurs accross the U.S. Stay warm!

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