It’s Getting Beautiful, Get Out There!

Now that it’s getting warm and the kids are getting restless, looking for something to do?

Ah, spring. The season for getting your property in order, beautifying your landscape, beginning to enjoy the beautiful outdoors under a warm sky… And for the kids to start bursting with energy and getting stir crazy.

Just like us, animals shake off the winter blues and start to enjoy being back outside under beautiful conditions. So why not take advantage while keeping your kids entertained?

Fortunately, in Bergen County, there’s a FREE way to do so. Until May 1, admission to the Bergen County Zoo is free. The zoo features over 150 animals, all now restored to their spring habitats. Find more information here.

Bergen, as well as Rockland County and Orange County, are filled with free fun-filled family activites just waiting to be taken advantage of. So let us prep and care for your property while you’re out there!

Spring Cleanup Time

Spring yard cleanups are in full swing! But why is it so important? And what does it entail?

Here at Beautiful Outdoors, we’ve been hard at work on spring yard cleanups throughout Bergen, Rockland, and Orange Counties for the last couple of weeks.

A good spring cleanup of course involves picking up yard debris and clearing out dead plant life and such. But a thorough spring cleanup also readies your property for beauty throughout the growing season, and can also save you maintenance headaches down the road!

So what constitutes a good spring yard cleanup? What are we so hard at work on at the moment? From our good old friends at The Spruce, here is an excellent article highlighting what goes into a great spring yard cleanup, and the benefits it provides to your landscape.

If you’re inspired, we continue to book spring yard cleanup appointments. Contact us today!

This Spring, Think Hardscape!

As it starts to warmup, are you eyeing sitting out back?

If you are like us, the quick burst of warm weather we had this past weekend had our minds wandering to beautiful spring and summer afternoons, relaxing outside, grilling, and entertaining friends.

However, you probably also have long been thinking about perfecting your outdoor space with an enhanced patio or deck. For homeowners, the feeling of always wanting improvement is only natural. The fortunate reality, though, is that hardscape improvements to your property not only add beauty and comfort, but also will likely greatly enhance the value of your property. And no single improvement can potentially be as beneficial as a new patio.

From our friends at The Spruce, here is an excellent look at some of the newest ideas for patio designs. And remember, Beautiful Outdoors is Bergen and Rockland Counties’ premier hardscape and landscape designer and contractor. Contact us for a consultation and let us get you started on a hardscape project this spring!

The End is in Sight!

Let’s all admit it… We’ve just about had enough of this snow. Isn’t it about time for it to end?

Well, it has finally happened. As much as we enjoy helping our customers with winterizing and snow and ice removal, the storm earlier this week finally might have been enough for us here in Bergen, Rockland, and Orange Counties.

It seems like spring should have sprung already. But is that really true? That gor us to thinking about when the last snowfall usually occurs here in the Lower Hudson and Central Valleys.

Turns out (unfortunately)… Not yet. We may have a couple of weeks to go. So we all need to bundle up, try to enjoy the winter beauty, and look ahead to the still upcoming thaw.

Here is an interesting look from the Weather Channel about when the last snowfall usually occurs accross the U.S. Stay warm!

We’re Back! Just like Spring Soon Will Be!

After a short break dealing with winter (!), we are back online and thinking about spring. Have you thought about your garden yet?

After a long winter’s blogging hiatus spent spent winterizing, performing snow and ice removal, sharpening our skills with professional development, and modernizing our equipment where needed, we are back online and starting to think about the coming spring!

One thing you might be starting to think about is your garden. Early prep goes a long way. Part of that for many folks is starting seeds indoors which can really help you get a jump in a region with a shorter growing season like us here in Bergen and Rockland Counties and the Hudson Valley. Also, growing your own seedlings really lets you oversee their quality, have a selection of exactly what you want, and save money!

From our friends at the Old Farmers Almanac, here is an excellent guide to when and how to start seeds indoors. Happy growing, and we’re thrilled to be back with you!

Gobble, Gobble

The Thanksgiving table isn’t the only place to see a turkey these days. Wild turkeys are everywhere!

As we have been working on properties throughout Bergen and Rockland Counties and the Central and Hudson Valleys this fall, we have been struck by how many wild turkeys we are seeing this year!

There are many conflicting studies about whether the native turkey population is rising or falling in the US, but whatever the case, it sure seems like there are more around. And we all have heard stories about them “flying” in front of cars, or acting aggressively towards homeowners,

All these encounters we have had this fall led us to look into the issue. Here is an interesting article about the wild turkey population. Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Halloween!

Bergen, Rockland and Orange Counties are blessed with perfect Halloween weather. Enjoy!

While we are hard at work on fall yard cleanups and looking toward the coming winter, we are thrilled to have beautiful weather for Halloween!

It should be a fantastic night for our trick-or-treaters here in Rockland and Bergen Counties and the Lower Hudson Valley. To get you excited, here’s a cute look at some of Bergen County’s cutest costumes. Have a great evening!


Winter Predictions Time

It’s one of our industry’s favorite pastimes: guessing what the winter will bring! What do the scientists have to say?

This week has definitely had the first real chill in the air of the fall. Vermont has ski area openings this weekend, snow fell this week just north of us in the Catskills: we daresay winter is on the horizon even though we have not trick-or-treated yet.

As professionals, we would be lying if we said we were not hoping for SOME bad winter weather. Our livelihoods are dependent on some snow and ice during the non-green seasons. But most everyone else feels better thinking there won’t be much cold and snow this year.

Hot off the presses, the National Weather Service just released their long range winter forecast. Bottom line: warmer, but wetter in the Mid-Atlantic. So it looks like Bergen and Rockland Counties can hold off on one layer of clothing, but keep some extra salt on hand.

Or save yourself the trouble and contact us for all your winter maintenance needs!



So What kind of Pumpkin Am I Carving This Year?

Ever give any thought to the type of pumpkin turning into your jack-o-lantern? Here’s an interesting guide to pumpkin varietals.

If you get your Halloween pumpkin for carving at the supermarket, there is probably just a big bin full of dozens of pumpkins of the same general shape and size. Even if you pick your own, there are probably just a couple of options, one kind of varying sizes clearly for carving, and another clearly for decoration.

But that does not do the mighty pumpkin’s variety justice. Just in the United States alone there are 35 different varieties grown!

From our friends at The Spruce, here is an interesting guide to the different types of pumpkins available, many of them grown right here in Bergen, Rockland, and Orange Counties. Happy Fall!

Mowing Season End Is In Sight

That real fall chill is finally in the air, so the end of lawn mowing season is in sight. When and how should you wrap it up for the year?

Now that the season has finally started to turn, our thoughts and work has turned to fall services. One question we often get is when is the best time to mow the lawn one last time for the season. To what length? Should all growth have stopped?

The simple answer as to when is when it stops growing! This is generally when the daytime temperature starts staying below 50 degrees, and we are seeing nighttime frosts. (Usually late October or early November in Bergen and Rockland Counties, perhaps a bit earlier in Orange and points north.)

A for length, ideally you want to slowly reduce the length of your grass the last two or three times you mow for the season, with the last mowing coming in at two to two-and-a-half inches in blade length. This length will allow your grass to maintain peak photosynthesis (yes, this even occurs during the winter) and as a result resiliency through the cold months. It also fights snow mold, and is ideal for winter root growth.

Lawn maintenance really is a year round process. But if you follow the above pre-winter plan, you are setting your grass up for a beautiful next spring and summer. And remember, Beautiful Outdoors can handle all this lawn work for you, and keep your property maintained through the whole winter.