Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for Landscape Lighting? Beautiful Outdoors, Inc. is a full service property maintenance and landscape design company that provides professional Landscape Lighting with vast experience and great customer care. Our Landscaping service staff are well-trained and have the necessary knowledge to beautify your property’s natural beauty and keep your yard safe and properly illuminated.

Beautiful Outdoors, Inc Landscape Lighting systems will improve your property by

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    Beauty & Value

    Our Landscape Lighting systems will compliment and enhance your property by illuminating only on certain areas and have them stand out at night. These Landscape Lighting systems will provide a focal point to entrances, gateways and floral patterns. We use different hues and colors that will enhance your entire outdoors.

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    Enhancing Your Landscape Decor

    Our Landscape Lighting systems are strategically placed around your property and will highlight many features and decor on your yard. These light can guide people to your front door, establish property lines and prevent those from walking over delicate plants or flowers. Each outdoor lightning system that we design and install will be customized for your property and will enhance your lawn.

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    Improved Security

    Our Landscape Lighting systems will provide the proper amount of light were needed for safety reasons. Our customized outdoor lightning systems are set to sensor movement from would be intruder as well as prove lighting were paths, side walks and parking area need to be light for visibility and access.

At Beautiful Outdoors, Inc. our outdoor lightning technicians have over 20 years of external lighting experience in installing, maintaining and repairing lighting systems for homes and businesses. Our expert Landscape Lighting technicians have improved the visibility and provided special lighting for many sizes of residential and commercial properties. We understand that spending evenings within your backyard is relaxing, enjoyable and relief for those who are indoor most of the day. Having properly light patio, backyard and property will improve the time spent outdoors.

Our Landscape Lighting systems that we install will be specifically designed for your outdoor needs. We have over 20 years of customizing all Landscape Lighting systems from sensor detection to those automatic timers when you are away as well as underwater, fountain lighting, downlighting and every other lighting system that you need. We also provide full maintenance and out door lighting fixture cleaning services that you may need.

Beautiful Outdoors Inc. have designed, built and maintain many beautiful landscaping solution with creative ideas and precise work that has lead to beautiful results of strong and beautiful outdoors. Our outdoor lightning services has improved the look and appearance of many homes and businesses with a unique and individual style that our clients have enjoyed all year round.

Our expert landscape designer will craft a blueprint featuring your property’s existing style and beauty, while adding additional elements to perfect it.

At Beautiful Outdoors, Inc. we care about our customer. We are committed to providing excellent Landscaping Services. Beautiful Outdoors, Inc. will provide fair rates and quality Landscaping Contractor work. We also offer a free Landscaping estimate in Rockland County, NY when you call us.

Why Hire Us?

  • Multiple Capabilities

    Beautiful Outdoors Inc. specializes in landscape design, landscape constructtion, and landscape maintenance services. We are a one stop solution for carrying out all of your yard and garden tasks. From Landscape Lighting and landscape construction to lawn maintenance and garden work - we will take care of all your landscaping needs.

  • Personalized Solutions

    At Beautiful Outdoors Inc. we work with each landscape project according to the owner’s personal specifications and the environmental conditions. Our landscaping team has the experience of creating a “beautiful outdoor” that satisfies clients and improve their property.

  • Creativity & Precision

    Beautiful Outdoors Inc. have designed, built and maintain many landscape solution with creative ideas and precise work that has lead to strong and beautiful outdoors. Our landscaping has improved the look and appearance of many homes and businesses with a unique and individual style that has enhanced the outdoors.

For more information on Landscape Lighting, contact Beautiful Outdoors, Inc. at (845) 735-1163.

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