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“Beautiful Outdoors helped me complete my Girl Scout Silver Award Project. They were easy to contact, quick to respond and helped me get the job done in time. Thanks!!!” – AW


“I recently bought a home and I wanted my lawn to be fixed from its horrendous condition. But when I asked the members at Beautiful Outdoors to help me, without hesitation, they jumped on the task. This service was quick and I’m still astonished on its affordable cost in comparison to the high quality result. I strictly would advise future clients to go with this company. It’s definitely worth it!!!” – DM


“I contacted Beautiful Outdoors, explaining to the owner of the company what I was looking for. He knew exactly how to transform my property. Within a week my entire property was transformed and it exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend Beautiful Outdoors to anyone.” – BS


“I had a very satisfying experience with this landscaping company. They had cut my grass for a few years, then I had them install an irrigation system, and eventually I felt comfortable enough asking for an estimate to give my front yard a face lift. They kept things simple and cost effective with their plans and I ended up having them also install lighting that made a HUGE difference on the appearance of my property. Then, after a big storm a couple summers ago when I experienced flooding in my basement, I had them install a few things for water management and haven’t had to deal with any water damage since. They do it all!” – AD