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Lawn Sprinkler System Design & Installation

At Beautiful Outdoors Inc., we understand the importance of a well-designed lawn sprinkler system for maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. Each property gets a personalized approach when designing your system. Factors to be considered are your soil type, sun exposure, slope, needs of specific plants and more.

We’re able to build a customized home irrigation system that ensures every inch of your lawn and landscaping receives proper watering. We’ve used many, many different products and equipment over the years and we know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll get efficient, durable equipment that will last for many years to come.

For more than 20 years, Joe and the team at Beautiful Outdoors have provided many homes and business with full, healthy green lawns. One of the most important aspects of having a healthy lawn is a proper irrigation system. Having the proper amount of water irrigating your lawn varies during the year. This is why we provide the most efficient irrigating water sprinkler systems that will keep your property damp enough to stay green and healthy, even during the hot summer months when your neighbors’ lawns are drying out and turning brown.

irrigation system installation

How to use your new sprinkler system

Each system is built specific to your property’s needs. Our systems are very easy to use. Once the system is installed, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to use operate it. If you ever have any questions or issues, please give us a call.

Sprinkler Winterizing and Irrigation Maintenance

If water remains in your sprinkler system during freezing temperatures, it can freeze and expand, causing serious damage to the system. Each year we go through a winterization process, removing all water from the system. We can blow out the entire system, ensuring that no water is trapped inside.

We also offer maintenance services that will keep your system running perfectly. We check for any leaks, malfunctions or any other issues and repair them if necessary. We also check and adjust the sprinkler heads for proper water flow and coverage.

Irrigation System Repair

Issues with your sprinkler system could lead to over or under-watering issues which could cause erosion and waste water. Even worse, it can lead to water damage issues to your home. Some of the most common issues needing repair are: clogged sprinkler heads, leaks, broken valves, wiring issues and damaged water lines. Whether you have a system that we installed, or one installed years ago by another company, we’re able to examine your system, find any issues and repair them. 

Leaks - detection and repair

A leak in the wrong place can cause serious damage to your home. At best, it will lead to water loss and poor performance. We have specialized equipment to detect leaks, find out where they are and also dig up and replace and faulty hoses, valves or other components.

Sprinkler heads - repair and replacement

Damaged or clogged sprinkler heads can cause uneven watering. You may notice a dry brown patch of lawn if this is happening, or you may see that one of your sprinkler heads is not properly watering your flower bed. We’ll identify anything that needs to be fixed and have your system back up and running smoothly.

Control valves - repair or replacement

Sometimes the control valve on your sprinkler system can go bad, causing over or under-watering issues, problems turning the system on, or water flow issues. We can easily diagnose the issue and change out your control valve and have your system functioning correctly in no time.

Commercial Irrigation Systems

With the installation of a commercial sprinkler system, your business can maintain a healthy lawn, enhance curb appeal and efficiently manage water usage. This results in a well-maintained, beautiful outdoor environment which will be inviting for your employees and customers. 

We offer full service installation and repair for commercial customers in Bergen County. Give us a call at 845-735-1163 for a free estimate.